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Huntindog1 Posted By Huntindog1, Oct 23, 2012 at 1:39 PM

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    Got an idea , want to discuss new technology about wood stoves.

    A new forum has opened on the Next Generation Stove Design Challenge Website.

    Check it out and contribute if you have ideas and comments and while you are there give a plug.

    I think we all on Hearth are interested in keeping wood heat on the fore front of technology so lets get behind this and make people aware.

    *********************************** UPDATE **********************

    I was glad to see this clarification as it means they are trying to design new wood stoves people like us on can use. Last count there were 40 design teams competing.

    It should be made very clear to all concerned that this competition
    is for "cord wood stoves with fireboxes that are designed to operate inside a home’s living room" to address the forgreenheat orgs objectives for affordable/sustainable etc heat generation."

    The contest is not about cooking or using sticks and twigs to heat
    tents or shelters in the developing world.

    The size of the fuel is going to dictate the size of the device
    and restrict the variability of the entries. ie there will be
    no portable tent stoves or rocket stove type designs etc.
    ( they cannot burn 18" cordwood )

    If wide variability were desired, the judges would let the
    contestants define the fuel size and then judge based
    upon efficiency of heat output vs fuel input based upon
    fuel quantity used. ( but that would probably take us
    away from the living room environment )

    My suggestion is that since most of the world thinks of stoves
    for cooking food, that the contest be renamed to use the
    word "heater" instead of "stove" to avoid confusion.
    I am sure Popular Mechanics would agree.

    Lastly, it appears that innovation is being encouraged
    in that a bypassing of traditional regulatory testing
    is allowed for devices to be used in environments that
    will require this regulatory testing to occur before they can
    be legally used.
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    Thanks for the update. Accidentally merged into a single post instead of adding it to the previous posting. Let's keep all updates in this original thread. Otherwise it takes too much searching to find the details and updates.

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