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mellow Posted By mellow, Nov 12, 2013 at 4:28 PM

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  1. mellow

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    For my upcoming fuselink fire damper install I will be blowing cold air from the room above to the room below where the insert is located. My question is this, since I will be blowing cold air from upstairs to downstairs can the fire damper be located closer than 10 feet to the insert? I am looking at being around 6 feet from the insert would be optimal, but if need be I can put it in another corner that will be further than 10 feet away.

    Most of the time this issue of being within 10 feet has come up with air returns or passive returns(floor registers)which vent up while this will be venting down, unless I lose power.

    I very well might try to put this by an existing power supply so a CO detector could be put in the room upstairs as well.
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    Remember, that fan might not run all the time. Once installed, you may find it drafty at times, noisy at times, power may go out, etc, etc.

    I'd maintain the 10 foot.
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