Oil Boiler Not Starting Up Smoothly On Cold Start


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Dec 17, 2019
Mendon, MA
That filter looks like it hasnt been replaced in years or got wet and rusted. Why mess with any of it or the fittings if its not leaking? Why not just put on a new spin on filter and be done? All it takes is a pinhole leak at a fitting to start pulling air into the line and the burner to lock out. A single 10 micron filter will pretty much stop anything from reaching the nozzle. They are easy and inexpensive to change. They are also 10 times less messy than those yarn filters to replace.
I replaced the tank filter with a GARBER 2605 ($10) and the burner filter with a new Suntec 3715732-HK ($2.25). I didn't think the 2630 with water block was worth the extra $13. For now we'll leave the system as is. Thanks for your replies.