Ongoing Chemical Smell from Wood Stove


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May 11, 2019
Christchurch, New Zealand
Hi I'm looking for some advice on my wood stove. I purchased it in 2017 and am now in the third Winter season of burning. On the initial couple of burns there was the strong chemical smell of the paint curing but since then every time it reaches a certain heat it starts emitting the same chemical smell. This is after several hundred fires already. It has had many extremely hot fires for hours at a time.
Manufacturer claims it will burn off eventually but this has gone on too long. Retailer trying to claim VOC's "off gassing" from floor and wall paint. Getting an uncomfortable feeling in the throat after being in the room while the fire burns. It is not healthy.

The experience of this person was very similar to what I am experiencing

The other day I removed the heat shield (not sure of terminology) casing the fire box to see if there was anything unusual. I noticed in paint missing or patchy in many places and lots of rust too.

IMG_20190512_164837.jpg IMG_20190512_170415.jpg IMG_20190512_170447.jpg IMG_20190512_170337.jpg IMG_20190512_164021.jpg

Assuming the whole thing was fully painted when I bought it, Is it unusual to have this much paint missing when the rest of the stove is still in good condition?
If it is intentional Would there be a reason for the manufacturer to not paint these areas?

Could it be a bad batch of paint slowly burning off into vapor? It is a definite chemical smell not wood smoke.

Also seems to be rust in the internal corner of fire box?

IMG_20190512_173603.jpg IMG_20190512_173608.jpg IMG_20190512_173623.jpg IMG_20190512_173634.jpg

Would appreciate any ideas or advice. Thank you.
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