Persimmon wood?

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Aug 12, 2013
Saluda VA
Hey I just scored about 2 cord of fresh persimmon tree. I got it CSS but was wondering this. Anyone know how well it burns? Is it shoulder season heat or good for dead of winter keep the house warm? Oak is hard to come by here so its a mix of everything. I keep Cherry for winter heat and have about 4 cord that should be ready this winter... I hope... I know two are good hoping the other two will be ready come Jan.... otherwise its poplar, pine, gum etc.... The wettest Cherry is 23-25% right now on a fresh split (its been split and stacked for a while now and I take it down take a split and split again and test)
great site. Book marked. Looks good to me. I am loving the wood heat. Used more wood than planned last year. This year though we were ahead on the stacks and they are looking good. Next year we have a ton of cherry that will be ready for sure. This is going into my 2018 stack... thats looking good. I will let the guy know if he gets any more I will gladly take it.
It can be a bit stringy if you're splitting by hand, but it's worth it. Great firewood.
I processed about two cords this spring from about 5 trees and it split about as easy as wood can split. I have also burned some in previous years and it burns great putting out good heat. I feel like it is similar to good red oak in firewood characteristics. Felt kind of mixed about cutting them down, a beautiful, distinguished tree but these were all males producing no persimmons in the fall that I noticed....
Persimmon wood: boy, do I wish that was more commonly seen here! Used for golf-club "woods" traditionally, and those old clubs give great BTUs when you've finally gotten sick of amateurishly hacking your way through courses and just toss 'em on the fire.
Plenty of it down my way but for some reason most of them are females. Gotta have the fruit for my deer to eat and me to harvest them:)
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