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    Alpine Fireplace Furnaces from Lehi, Utah advertises "positive pressure" fireplaces with an 82% efficiency rating. These units have a small blower motor located OUTDOORS that circulates fresh air through the heat exchangers and into the room. Some of this air is used for combustion. The remainder is forced throughout the room. Alpine GAS fireplaces advertise several benefits: heat produced is distributed more evenly and temperatures are more uniform. The adjustable blower is 495 CFM. Additional benefits listed is the use of fresh air and the location of the blower motor reduces the noise level. Alpine Gas Fireplaces lists membership in the Rocky Mountain Gas Association. I live on the East Coast and would like to hear from some independent minds about the positive pressure concept and the company itself before I invest several thousand dollars. Any direction you could point me will be appreciated.


    Never heard of the particular company, but Travis Industries makes a similar fireplace that we have sold and used in our stores for years....works very well. I was doubtful about this concept myself until I used them..the customers are thrilled.
    One warning....this type of unit may have some problems in areas of the country that experience frigid weather (under 20 degrees) on a regular basis. Improvements are being made to address this, so check with your dealer and the mnaufacturer.

    Link: Travis Industries, FPX
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