possible for ceiling fan to distribute basement heat upstairs?? (pics)

pateltouchpad Posted By pateltouchpad, Nov 27, 2017 at 5:48 PM


Do you think a ceiling fan would help distribute heat to the upper level?

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  1. pateltouchpad

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    Nov 27, 2017
    We have had a pellet stove in our basement for the last several years and it has been keeping the basement really nice and hot through the winters. However, we mostly use the floor above to do everything and have been trying to figure out how to warm the above floor effectively. We cannot put vents in the floor as this will void our home insurance fire policy ( we live in NY ) and have a staircase that leads up to the floor above the pellet stove.

    *We would like to know if placing a ceiling fan at the staircase ceiling would allow air to effectively be transferred to distribute heat to the second floor.*

    Specifically, we'd like to know if anybody has done so and what the results are. At the current moment we do not have any vents between the floors and have researched the theoretical implications of a ceiling fan without air circulation through venting to the point of touching on fluid dynamics and eddy currents, a point I do not wish to revisit anytime soon.

    simply speaking, if we place a HAIKU FAN ($$$ but efficient and is apparently the best air transferring fan in the market) in the ceiling of our stairwell would we be able to move the heat up to the second floor. The Haiku site currently has 150 dollars off during this holiday period which makes us want to pull the trigger but we'd like to know if others have had good results with ceiling fans...

    Thanks in advance
    *Pellet Stove location is one floor down directly below the TV facing towards the stairs. Also, the basement ceiling is flat.

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    Picture of the Haiku L series fan we're looking at :

  2. Ssyko

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    Nov 6, 2017
    Lorraine NY
    i would try a small pedestal fan on the lower level blowing up the stair way. gotta move the hot air up and cold air down. with such a large opening it should do it naturally i would think. My ceiling fan messes up my airflow so i shut them off for the winter.
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  3. Tails1

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    Nov 19, 2016
    Ajax, Ontario Canada
    Is that stairwell open at the bottom or is there a doorway down there? I used to have a ranch house exact same layout but mine had a door down there. If there are any bulkheads protruding down in the ceiling between the stove and the stairwell they will hold back a lot of hot air from flowing along the ceiling and reaching the stairs.

    I would try a pedestal fan also as this might be all you need. A ceiling fan drawing air up out of the stairwell will help but no way to know how much until you were to actually try it. IMO a ceiling fan over that landing would still be useful and look good too though.
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