Primary Air Igniting Gasses....this happen to you?

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Minister of Fire
Feb 16, 2014
I think I got my stove figured out.
I just wanted to say, I have been in your shoes before, tested my draft 2 years ago, same as you, had a excessive over draft (.18 on average) installed a collar damper and a key damper in my double wall pipe, I use the key damper as my primary damper and the collar damper for when the key is being environmentally overridden (arctic cold front nights) My stove is now a different stove, I get steady heat output, great burn times, predicted control and reduced wood consumption. Draft is key and when you have an over draft, you are essentially sucking up hot gases before the get a chance to absorb into the stove top and go into the room.
My house is also on top of a hill with prevailing winds that come from the west, northwest which is a swamp that has no tree coverage, so I get hit with a consistent constant wind in the winter.