(Probably) silly question regarding Sirocco vs. Chinook design

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New Member
Aug 11, 2023
I've narrowed down my choice for a wood stove between the Sirocco 30 or Chinook 30. I actually prefer the look of the Chinook, so here is my dumb question: Since my stove will be placed in a corner surrounded by brick, will I lose some radiant heat going with the Chinook due to the extra piece of curved steel on the sides? I'm assuming the air being blown out of the Chinook will be hotter than the Sirocco..I know I'm over thinking this as I probably wouldn't feel the difference..lol
Both models are 76% efficient per the EPA database. You won't lose any heat. Anything "lost" from becoming radiant heat will be gained as convective heat.

All stoves produce a mixture of radiant and convective heat, it's not either/or.

Since your stove is surrounded by brick I would expect you to be best served by a more convective stove design but really, not a big difference here.
See, I would have figured the opposite since radiant heat would better warm the surrounding brick. But this is probably splitting hairs here..With close clearances with a BK, I doubt I would notice a difference with either stove.