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    I can meet my local codes but building inspector isn't all up on what I want to do,
    Does this sound right? For base, covering 1/2 inch plywood base with, durarock, then putting down ceramic tile.
    (What glue/mortar do I use? Thin set? For Wall; spaced 1" off Durock and then the ceramic tiles.Are all ceramic tiles ok? Can I just use the Durock until we decide on what tile, to go with?

    I'm getting the Durock first and need to save up a bit of $$$ for the tiles.
    After all is said and done, I'm going to be about 20" from the Durock wall to the back of the stove and 36" away on all sides, back corners and top to any regular wall.
    Front is going to be 18" from loading area to end of base.
    Hope this makes sense and we wont burn the place down. Your columns are great & a great web site also thanks


    For best protection, place a sheet of sheet metal on the floor before you install the durarock. Then use thin-set adhesive, which is cement based.

    I'm not sure how high the legs of your stove are, and this can affect how hot the floor can get. If the legs are 5" or shorter, it might be wise to use 2 thicknesses of Durarock.
    Your wall clearances and hearth size sound OK.
    11/2007 Numerous articles are available on this subject at https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.php

    Link: Hearth.com Articles
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