Purcell & Energy Log Pellets

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Sep 12, 2014
Has anyone used Purcell pellets from Idaho? They are fir. The add said they were Energy Log, fir made in Idaho but when I looked at them they were Purcell. The warehouse guy said that it was probably a company wide add and that different stores got different brands. At another store they did have the Energy Log Premium and the sales guy said they were more expensive than the Heartland that I usually buy. I have never burned fir so don't know if they are worth the hassle of driving 50 miles (100 round trip) @ 10 MPG.
Has anyone used Fir pellets? Most of what we get are pine from South Dakota.
I burned 2 tons of the Purcell pellets last year. They were a great pellet at $ 199 a ton. I was gonna buy a couple more ton and burn them again this year.
I haven't seen many reviews on Purcells, but they few that I have are all good. They are made by North Idaho Energy and are classified as a Douglas Fir mix. $199/ton is a great price, around here the only place that sells them charges > $300/ton.
They are $209 a ton so may take a chance and try some if I get up that way. Thanks for the input, always good to get information from real world experience.
Purcell here are 169 and North Idaho Energy Log pellets are 189, I've burned both and have to say my New Englander stove has less ash and burns longer on the North Idaho Pellets even though both are made by the same company different plants...
Ended up going with Heartland only, it is aprox. 100 mile round trip to get the Purcells so not worth taking the F250 gas guzzler. Heartlands were local and a decent price for this part of the country, around $250 per pallet/60 bags. Very limited brands and sellers.
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