Qadrafire Castile (30k) BTU or Harman Accentra (40K) BTU ??????????

fazzer Posted By fazzer, May 26, 2008 at 8:59 PM

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  1. fazzer

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    May 26, 2008
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    I know I know, both are great stoves. I have a well kept 1969 rancher with 1200 sq ft to heat upstairs to help with my oil boiler bills. Which is a better stove? My wife would tend to stove mostly in the winter because Im out plowing local roads. I have visited 2 Quadrafire dealers with 1 saying should be fine heating is to 1500 sq ft with the Castile, the othersaid it might have to run on high alot to try and stay somewhat comfy. The Harmon dealer said it would be ok with the Harmon Accentra but would recommend going to higher BTU stove. Which is easier to maintain? Which is the best bang for the buck? Which will need less repair? Are there any proffesionall opinons out there? Does anyone own these two stoves with homes similair to mine. Just trying to pick the wright one. Budget does come into play, but I should be able to purchase one way or the other. Thanks for your help, Mark............. US ARMY VETERAN!! Keep our fallen in your hearts today!!
  2. drizler

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    I can't speak to either one directly but from experience and written testimony "bigger is usually better" output wise. None of these stove are prodigious heat producers so when you need lots of heat quickly you are going to be wishing you had more no matter what you are burning. If I lived where you do I would be looking more towards a coal stoker. From what I gather they were the original self feeding stove from which all these modern ones sprang. If coal wasn't so ridiculously expensive here thats what I would have.
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