Quadrafire CB 1200 Classic Bay Air Wash?

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Feb 1, 2010
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Not much info on this, but the CB1200B owner’s manual page 34 under step 1 Replacing Center glass states:
“Do Not Let Air Wash Spacers fall down from the top frame when removing and replacing the glass.” This Rev B owners manual was published Sept 1, 2008 so that maybe only for stoves manufacturered later than this date.
Therefore I assume there is no gasket along the top of the glass and all the top bolts have spaces or plastic washers under the screws that hold the top of all 3 panes in. Also there are no cleaning instructions?
Has anyone taken this apart and cleaned it? Also can spacers be put in older versions to create an Air Wash?
Has anyone done this?

This is the only other post I found but it is closed for discussion

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Well mystery solved. This Quadrafire Door is on an Aladdin Quadrafire CB1200 manufactured 1997 has a top air wash brackets and no glass gasket around the top of all the glass panes. After pulling out the door rope gasket, the 11/32 nuts holding the glass brackets down could easily be removed. See pics
As you can see in the 2nd to last pic, the air wash consists of 2 brackets. The bottom bracket with a slot to allow air to come in over the top of the glass panes. The second bracket that goes over the bottom bracket channels this air down toward the glass. In the next to last pic you can see the metal spacer right above where the center pane and right pane of glasses come together to raise the bottom bracket to allow air to come through the slot!! :)
Therefore cleaning the soot off the top of the glass and the metal door frame should help the air flow better and make the air wash work better? See last 2 pics:)
To sum it up, repainting the brackets or spraying them with Dry Moly spray would also make them more slick for better air flow as well as cleaning the glass with Rutland White Off to give the glass a smoother feel for better air flow.
In a top feed air wash system like this, cooler clean room air is pulled into the pellet stove above the fire door glass. Then the clean cooler air along with the top air wash bracket falls down over the inside of the glass keeping the smokie air away so the glass stays clean and then this cooler air is slowly heated up and then rises back up in the stove and used to heat the heat exchanger before it is exhausted.
So has anyone taken the glass out and cleaned the air wash area? Was there ash between the glass and the metal door clogging up the air wash? After cleaning the air wash did the glass stay cleaner longer??

28E86E30-F017-44AF-BE2E-32A6BEAC0BE1.jpeg 169A8848-429F-4B6B-BF0C-2C8C77EC4116.jpeg View attachment 312744 5F2B234E-2BE6-4567-AE58-8013FF18D005.jpeg C54DCE45-44AA-4820-9B24-550DC3108CA1.png BC94275A-C2A7-47CF-97CA-78B772B7F764.jpeg 87153F9E-1B75-40D7-BB46-B5B1F80383C9.jpeg
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The brackets were dirty and a little rusty so I removed them, wire wheeled them and cleaned them with acetone. Luckily the nuts with the built in star lock washers that hold the glass brackets in, came out easily! Then some VHT flat black header spray paint and cleaned up the glass with the white off. Using clear silicone, I installed a 7/8” round graphite impregnated door gasket.
Looking better!

C37AA848-5246-487D-9E07-73DD378D4F4B.jpeg DFF867DF-EBF2-4151-AE21-140A46F6E8B7.jpeg FA07862C-2609-4D62-8FC1-9D47778C0A2B.jpeg 4F2F85DC-1E94-4FCE-A126-CB4D785D896B.jpeg 528619A4-ED4B-4EDD-9D50-EE9C56C6AE55.jpeg 98D15337-09A0-4D28-A502-60AA62079887.jpeg Quadrafire CB 1200 Classic Bay Air Wash?
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Here are the other fixes

Center Fire Box baffle fix
Warped center baffle fix
Broken heat exchanger tube