Reason for Oval Stove Outlet?

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New Member
Oct 21, 2023
Hi - just discovered this site - I've been wandering the internet on one of those
"it's going to bug me 'til I find the answer" quests. Does anybody know the reason for oval stove outlets?

All my previous stoves have had round outlets - I recently acquired an old beat up Excello 24D-E - and because it has an oval outlet, that question is now bugging the crap out of me. Does anyone know the answer, so I can go on to obsessing over something else? TIA
Mainly just to be annoying lol
On stoves with a really small top, like a potbelly, it would give you a little more open area at the top to put a kettle.
Yeah that's probably the real reason
My large VC Winterwarm is oval. 20 years and going strong