Reassemble a Jotul F118 Black Bear

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Jun 26, 2018
Hi all,

I recently acquired a Jotul F118 Black Bear (Manufactured in 2008) and have disassembled it completely. The top baffle was warped and both side baffles had hair line cracks. I have ordered the new baffles, new gaskets/glue, Hearthstone cement, and Stove Bright flat black paint. After some grinding, it should be ready to restore. The cement requires a slow heat treatment to cure as does the Stove Bright paint. Does this have to be done day of application? or will waiting until I am done assembly (which will more then likely take me longer then a day or two) be fine? I have read on previous threads that the cement can crack if it sits to long with out being heat treated.

Part two...

I plan to paint each panel separately and then assemble. Will the paint effect the metal-to-metal connections where cement is required? Should I paint the whole piece once it is whole?


You can wait to fire the stove as long as you want. Just be sure to do the break in fires.

I would paint the panels first, just avoid painting the cement channels as much as possible.
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