regency f1100 s overburn

dave levesque Posted By dave levesque, Jan 6, 2013 at 4:42 PM

  1. dave levesque

    dave levesque
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    Jan 6, 2013
    hi I am planning on adding a wood stove to my house. im new to wood stoves. i had one as a kid but dont remeber much but stacking wood.
    i recently purchased a regency f1100 s on cl but now i think its damaged. can these be fixed?
    it lookes warped on top by the flu and there is a crack an inch long. i can feel the crack on the inside too. only payed $40and it came with the blower. i read that thse have a lifetime warranty. i have all the paperwork from origional purchase. is that usually covered by warrnty?
    any advice is appreciated
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    Dec 2, 2008
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    Here's your warranty, right out of the F1100S manual...Looks like OVERFIRE is not covered...

    A good welder can probably repair the crack after its propagation has been stopped...

    Regency Fireplace Products are designed with reliability and simplicity in mind. In addition, our internal Quality Assurance Team carefully inspects each unit thoroughly before it leaves our door. FPI Fireplace Products International Ltd. is pleased to extend this limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of a Regency Product. This warranty is not transferable.

    The Warranty: Lifetime
    Covered under the agreement are the following components:
    Firebox, ceramic baffle, vermiculite baffle, steel baffles (H2100), convector airmate, castings, ashdrawer, glass (thermal breakage), gold plating (against defective manufacture), airtubes (against warpage) and door handles.
    The above will be covered for parts and subsidized labour for the first five years and parts only thereafter with the exception of the fireboxes (see below). FPI is not liable for freight or labor on any wood burning appliance replaced in field.
    Electrical components such as blowers, switches and thermodisc's are covered for two years parts and one year subsidized labour* from date of purchase.
    Repair/replacement parts purchased by the consumer from FPI after the original coverage has expired on the unit will carry a 90 day warranty, valid with a receipt only. Any item shown to be defective will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. No labor coverage is included with these parts.
    Any part or parts of this unit which in our judgement show evidence of such defects will be repaired or replaced at FPI's option, through an accredited distribu- tor or agent provided that the defective part be returned to the distributor or agent Transportation Prepaid,if requested.
    It is the general practice of FPI to charge for larger, higher priced replacement parts and issue credit once the replaced component has been returned to FPI
    and evaluated for manufacturer defect.
    The authorized selling dealer is responsible for all in-field service work carried out on your Regency product. FPI will not be liable for results or costs of workmanship from unauthorized service persons or dealers.
    At all times FPI reserves the right to inspect product in the field which is claimed to be defective.
    All claims must be submitted to FPI by authorized selling dealers. It is essential that all submitted claims provide all of the necessary information including customer name, purchase date, serial #, type of unit, problem, and part or parts requested, without this information the warranty will be invalid.
    This limited Lifetime Warranty does not extend to or include paint, door or glass gasketing, firebrick or trim. It does not cover installation and operational related problems such as over-firing, use of corrosive driftwood, downdrafts or spillage caused by environmental conditions, nearby trees, buildings, hilltops, mountains, inadequate venting or ventilation, excessive offsets, negative air pressures caused by mechanical systems such as furnaces, fans, clothes dryers etc.
    At no time will FPI be liable for any consequential damages which exceed the purchase price of the unit. FPI has no obligation to enhance or modify any unit once manufactured. ie. as products evolve, field modifications or upgrades will not be performed.
    FPI will not be liable for travel costs for service work.
    Installation and environmental problems are not the responsibility of the manufacturer and therefore are not covered under the terms of this warranty policy.
    Any unit which shows signs of neglect or misuse is not covered under the terms of this warranty policy.
    The warranty will not extend to any part which has been tampered with or altered in any way, or in our judgment has been subject to misuse. Freight damage to stoves and replacement parts is not covered by warranty and is subject to a claim against the freight carrier by the dealer. FPI will not be liable for acts of God, or acts of terrorism, which cause malfunction of the appliance.
    Performance problems due to operator error will not be covered by this warranty policy.
    Products made or provided by other manufacturers and used in conjunction with the operation of this appliance without prior authorization from FPI, may nullify your warranty on this product.
    * Subsidy according to job scale as predetermined by FPI.
  3. dave levesque

    dave levesque
    New Member 2.

    Jan 6, 2013

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