Regency Greenfire GFI55 vs Harman P35i-C vs Enviro EF2-1 FPI

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Nov 3, 2021
Georgetown, ON, Canada
Hi There...

New to this site and "hobby", thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Currently evaluating the above 3 pellet options for my house as a leisure/secondary heating system. I have a 3000 sqft house (1000 sqft upstairs and 2000 sqft main level). The main level is split into an open concept area (1000 sqft) with kitchen, dining room and family room where the fireplace resides. The other half (1000 sqft) are 2 bedrooms + foyer area on the opposite end of the fireplace.

To clarify, goal is to use stove as a leisure/secondary heating system for the open concept area (1000 sqft), but if they heat up the bedrooms and upstairs too, great! I choose these 2 stove options due to my masonry firebox size limitation and also based on warranty feedback (ie these 3 brands have good warranties).

I've reviewed the forums and comments for the above brands/models, but would still be open to any feedback if you had to choose one of the above stoves. They all have similar specs on paper, but user feedback is important for me. If you have other brands/models for consideration, please chime in.
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Dec 19, 2009
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Welcome to the Forum
It is up to you which one to buy ! just for max heat then
I would go the GF155 then the Enviro
But overall I think the Enviro is the best unit for my dollar
it has the best repair record easy to clean can get parts anywhere
and has the biggest convection fan.
But I don't think the insert is available in Canada so maybe the Meridian
I have had an Enviro ef3 for 22 years Pre Meridian
repair costs have been 1 combustion fan 196$
OK Harmsn people jump all over me


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Feb 7, 2010
S.E. Michigan
I never get involved is versus versus threads. Bad Ju Ju.
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