Replacing Catalytic Block & Gasket for VC WarmWinter 2080

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Nov 21, 2023
Winnipeg, Canada
Hi there, apologies if this has been covered in detail elsewhere, but I just moved into a house with a VC WarmWinter 2080 fireplace insert, and in getting the Chimney cleaned and inspected, I was informed that the Catalytic Block & Gasket needed to be replaced.

On demonstration, it's pretty clear that it was more or less totally destroyed, so it makes sense I would have to replace it.

However the quote for the parts & labour seemed quite high, and I'm wondering whether it is a straightforward and reasonable thing as a layperson for me to source the required catalytic Block & Gasket myself online and replace this, or is this more of a difficult operation that should only be done by a professional?

From a layman's perspective, the block looks like a block that needs to sit in the right box, but again I really don't have much idea, and the manual doesn't seem totally instructive.

Is this something the experts here think should be super easy to do, or would warn against?

Appreciate the advice!
It's a complicated stove, so the cost is going to depend on the condition of the refractory package that houses the catalyst. If that has degraded and also needs replacement then it could explain a higher quote. The cat is about $150 and the refractory package around $500. Start with downloading the manual. It has a section on cat replacement. Here are the directions for replacing the refractory package.
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Thanks very much for the reply! This definitely provides some good context. T

he Cat is definitely done, but there was no comment about replacing the refactory package (only the gasket), and that wasn't seemingly part of the estimate, so I'll interrogate this a bit further on my end.

You would say that if the refactory package is fine, that replacing the cat on its own isn't that complicated?

I have downloaded the manual, and to some extent it 'looks' straightforward to replace the cat based on the limited diagrams, but not having done it myself, or knowing much about these fireplaces, and don't know if there's a lot of nuance to these things that's not entirely clear from the instructions?
If it only needs the cat and the refractory package is still in good condition, then this can be done by the user. The refractory is fragile, so don't force anything or bang against it.
Midwest Hearth is a good supplier.
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Looks like this part fits several VC models.
• Defiant 1910, 1945
• Defiant Encore 0028, 2140, 2170, 2190
• Encore 2550 (0002550 / 51 / 52 / 53 / 54 / 55 / 56 / 57 / 58 00030050)
• Resolute Acclaim Model 0041
• Large Winterwarm 1280, 2100

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