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    Hi, Great site! My question is has Vermont Castings been the only maker of a wood stove with the markings 'Resolute' ? The reason I ask is because that is the only thing on the used stove, that I am thinking about purchasing. The name 'Acclaim' does not appear on the stove. Is there a Web location that contains data about older stoves? How to identify make, model, age, BTU Ratings? If the stove ends up being the Resolute mentioned in your pages, is the retrofit kit still available? Thanks for your help and advice, keep the site going, its wonderful.



    Yes VC was the only manufacturer that legally could use the name "Resolute". The Resolutes were made from 1979 through 1986. There was the Res. I, with a single drop down door. The Res. II (1981/82) with a slightly raised griddle and non-adjustable damper w/"ears". Then there was the Res. III (1983/84) with double doors, and adjustable damper linkage. The Res. III wade made through 1986 for the U.S. market, but was still made through the early 1990's for the European, Far East, and Canadian markets. The Resolute Acclaim stove was made beginning in 1987, and the name was change to simply the Acclaim about three years ago.

    The "retrofit" kit you're referring to----is this to change from a single door to a double door? That's the only "kit" I'm aware of besides the Res. III fire back kit that changes a II fire back system to a III. As far as I know, both kits are still available.

    Resolute Specs: 40k Btu's. Wood length: 16" Burn time: Varies / 7-8 hours. EPA Rated? No.

    The web site for VC does not address older models. Only older VC guys like Craig and I can answer those questions. When we're gone, so goes the history. Good luck, hope this helps.
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