Rolling firewood rounds with rope and 2 nails

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Nov 22, 2022
Awhile back I read or saw a video about someone moving firewood rounds by nailing a nail on each side of a log then rope would go on the nails (probably connected to a ring then ring on the nail) and just pulled to roll it.

It does sounds like it should work. Anyone try?

This of course is for larger pieces that you can roll by hand but cannot pickup by hand. Neighbor across the street has logs I said I would take. Instead of loading onto truck, it think rolling it would be less stress on my back.
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That sounds like it might work. I’d use screws instead of nails though. It’s easier to remove a screw when you’re done.

Regardless of how well it works, it would be fun to watch ;)
Ah yes, good point. Some large lags screws should do. I was envisioning a little log train :). that'd be entertaining
TImber hitches work really well to roll logs as long as you can get the rope around the log.
When I was a kid ( taken her back 70-odd years) we moved logs at the farm this way
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Can't say I ever used his method. I just deal with big rounds and my bag of tricks. Love the knife around his neck. And the camera operators comment at 8:50 after hearing a buzzing around the camera you hear " these skeaters are as big as airplanes".