MF Fire Nova 2 Review

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Hello i just started using our NOVA 1 fireplace insert - have only fired it a handful of times - i find when i start it up i dont get any metallic smells any longer but as soon as i engage the combuster the metal smells come back. When i operate it in open bypass mode i dont have these issues. I havent really fired up the combuster for any reasonable length of time do i need to let this burn off as well ? any thoughts ? sorry for digressing just posting for the first time in the platform.
I'm on a learning curve with a NOVA 2. I think these tips apply to all EPA stoves with a cat. And I concur - the initial start up needs to 1. warm up the flue to create a draft and to be big enough to create a good bed of coals other wise on refill you end up fighting with smoke roll out.

Plenty of kindling at first and dry wood is crucial also. I don't see any issue with not having an air control. The stove is designed to burn hot and efficient. The idea of long smoldering overnight burns just leads to creosote build up.