MF Fire Nova 2 Review

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New Member
Dec 14, 2022
We just time it so it is mostly down to coals before reloading. We have loaded it at 10:00 pm and still has vials that easily relit at 10:00 am. We had to change our mindset of when it can be reloaded. The stove burns efficiently and we love the large viewing window that stays clean.


New Member
Dec 29, 2022
I am not sure how exactly to measure my chimney. I’ve been talking to the installers about this and they feel like there isn’t an issue with that side of things. When I was just using the fireplace the draft was excellent so I feel like the problem isn’t there either but maybe something isn’t right and I should get someone to look at it, I’d just rather not pay since I’m still paying off the stove.
Given that other people are having similar issues I’m feeling like it’s just a sensitive stove and I’ll have to live with it? Yea I also get some ash when moving coals around but I’m less worried about that and more worried about inhaling smoke through the years and I have a small dog so I’ll also be looking to get rid of it next year. If anyone is looking for one who lives in MA. It’s a gorgeous stove and I feel like the tech support they have is incredible, but my health and families health is my number one priority.
I may be interested whenever you want to part with it :}


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Open the bypass which disengages the catalytic combustor and allows the smoke to go directly up the flue.