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  1. Todd

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    Nov 19, 2005
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    September update. I went to check the dryness of my firewood with my little moisture meter. I compared my 2 Holz Hausens to a traditional straight row along the side of my garage. 1 HH was built from Red Oak cut and split 1 year ago. The other HH and single row were cut and split in early spring. Took 6 similar sized splits, cut them in half, and stuck the meter into them. The readings were all pretty close, 21-24% on the inside and 15% on the outside. Even the older wood was the same. Still a little wet on the inside according to the cheap meter. When I pulled the meter out, you could see the moisture leaking out the 2 holes. I don't think the Holz Hausen drys any faster than traditional rows. 90% of my firewood is Oak, so I'm thinking it should take a full year or more to season no matter how it's stacked. Oak is notorious for long drying times.

    Another thing I noticed is a difference in the color of the wood. The HH wood is much darker than the single row, and the older HH is darker than the new HH. Maybe because the HH is exposed to the weather and my row is protected from the garage overhang? Just looking at it you would think the HH is dryer, but according to the meter they are the same.
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    Thanks for the update Todd.
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