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Jeff Posted By Jeff, Oct 28, 2008 at 11:24 PM

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    I think I posted this in the wrong forum sorry !!

    Read on though , you may be able to help !!

    Has anyone had any experience of doing the following

    I run a stanley errigal 50 which mainly burns anthracite , I have burnt wood very successfully on it however , I want to take the wood burning a stage further

    the stanley burns through a riddling grate and as we all know wood burns best on a flat base with air going into the fire rather than underneath it

    I recently bought an inset Esse 300 which again had a grate and I was getting so frustrated with trying to burn wood on it that I took out the grate and now burn wood directly in the ashpan and its working brilliantly

    My idea for the stanley is to have a cast iron box made with air slots in the front , to replace the ashpan and remove the riddling grate and burn wood directly in the box , I know it will work but....

    does anyone else have experience of either solid fuel central heating cookers , or multi fuel stoves that they have converted to burn purely wood by removing the grate? Any tips would be most welcome


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