Some advice on wood and hay supply attributed to Henry David Thoreau

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Minister of Fire
Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH

I expect many folks including myself didnt get a lot of exposure to Thoreau but he was wood burner who built his own cabin in the what was then the woods of Massachusetts on the shore of Walden Pond. He cut his own wood and lived in the cabin over 2 years and "lived off the land". There was civilization around him he just choose to live in the woods (he actually was from a well off family that made wooden pencils).

I would tend to agree that around the end of January, early February I usually have gone through half my wood. I am cutting it close this winter from my easy to get to stacks, as heating with a broken ankle for the first half of the winter required some compromises in efficient burning.

Groundhog day is on the same date as Candlemass day, so feel free to substitute Groundhog day;)
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Feeling the Heat
Mar 1, 2009
Eastern NE
Sorry to hear about the broken ankle. Normally that half way rule applies around here. Not this winter we keep dodging the bullet on the snow and long term cold. It been a fairly what we call a open winter. Lots of field and dirt work done. We keep getting this quick cold fronts that drop our temp 30-40 degrees in one or two days. Goes from 40 or 50 down to 0 then zero a couple of days and then back in the 40's or 50's. It was zero this am and they say it will be in the 40's by the weekend. Cows have been on corn stalks all winter so far some are starting to calf so they are just starting to feed hay. I probably burned half my normal amount of wood for Jan. I am probably down three cord from were I usually am at this point in the winter.