Spray on tick repellent to augment monthly 1-spot application?

wahoowad Posted By wahoowad, Aug 30, 2012 at 7:17 AM

  1. wahoowad

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    Dec 19, 2005
    I apply a Fipronil-based 1-spot tick/flea killer to my dog once a month. It does a good job keeping ticks and fleas off him. Sometimes we go for walks in areas where there is an abundance of ticks (or worse - small tick larvae) and he can get a bunch on him. I know the 1-spot stuff will keep them from staying on him very long (and kill them when they start to bite) but he can bring these ticks home in the initial hours following a walk and they drive him nuts until they die or fall off. He is a 5 month old puppy and appears to have sensitive skin so gets itchy real easy.

    I have heard of sprays you can apply similar to how we might put Off on ourselves. One is made by the same people who make my 1-spot stuff (Frontline) but I have heard it is not a deterrent, instead it has the same active ingredient as the 1-spot stuff which requires the tick to take a bite. There are other sprays out there but I have not heard if any are truly effective. Does anybody have firsthand experience with a particular product good or bad that could help keep the seed ticks off the dog?

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