Starting a fire and running an EPA stove

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Oct 17, 2023
Middle TN
Just what I needed! Thanks for this forum…..I like to study, research, prepare and learn. THIS is the place to do it. I tried to use a wood stove for the past 14 yrs. It needed lots of repairs and manufacturer upgrades - and still didn’t work like it was supposed to. And the manufacturer couldn’t/wouldn’t recommend anyone other then the dealer to make those repairs/upgrades. Even though I explained that the company reps had lied to me numerous times - including two years ago when we went 6 weeks ‘waiting on the part to arrive’, only to discover when they arrived to install it that it was not what was needed at all! I just couldn’t get ‘them’ to come for a service call (even offered to pay extra for the hour drive).

Hope I don’t sound like I know it all…..or believe I am never wrong. I WAS wrong once last year. Will probably happen sometime this year. Oh well! LOL!

All that to say that I bought an Alderlea T6 from another dealer a few months ago. Neither the manual nor their website nor you tube had much info on break in burns, how to load and manage a fire properly. I’ve copied off your whole post on the the T6 burn and feel so much better prepared now. THANKS!!!

I’m reading everything I can find on here that applies to my situation. So please - if anyone has some pearls of wisdom to share with me feel free to do so! This is a journey, not a one and done for me. I’m going from having to reload every 2-3 hrs
(With dry, seasoned hard wood, stored under cover for a year) to the possibility of nice, long burn times without maintenance. Any and all advice and tips will be appreciated!

Happy burning, folks!
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Feeling the Heat
Dec 27, 2022
I have a new Vista LE and this thread is amazing. The manual and youtube videos always leave out various details. This is a complete guide.
Thank you
Enjoy your PE Vista. We love ours. Got ours installed in June of 2022 so 2nd season using it. We heat our 1,900 sq ft. Cape with ease. Smaller fire box but house is well insulated so don’t mind the shorter reloads. I would buy this stove again with a house with a similar layout. The forum has been very helpful.
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