The price of electricity

zknowlto Posted By zknowlto, May 18, 2011 at 2:46 AM

  1. fraxinus

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    Aug 3, 2007
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    In the Central Maine Power service area we pay .06 per kwh delivery charge and .085 per kwh for the power itself. The latter has gone down quite a bit because of lower natural gas prices.

    Spread out over 12 months, I'm paying just a little more than $3 per day for: range/cook top, hot water heater, illumination, TV, computer, refrigerator, and all the little electrically operated gizmos we never think about. One of the greatest bargains in the world, I'd say.
  2. steam man

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    In northern Maine with Bangor Hydro as the distributor, we pay just shy of 9 cents kw/hr. For the electricity supply, we pay just over 8 cents kw/hr. 17 cents kw/hr is the combined rate. I live in the middle of Hydro country and it basically has little effect on my rate. We can choose the supplier here or have Bangor Hydro get the prevailing rate automatically. Just because the power plant is next door does not mean you must get it cheaper. Also, contrary to what was posted here, population or useage density on the system makes it so the more on the grid, the cheaper distribution is per user. Bangor Hydro has argued against private generation plants for large users especially since if they go off the grid the infrastructure still has to be maintained at the same cost. Here in northern Maine it is a big system to be maintained with fewer users to pay for it. The hydro damns near me generate power for just a few cents a kwh but essentially it is sold on the grid through transmission lines to many users outside the state.
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