Thermometer for Astria Montecito Estate/Superior WCT940

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Dec 12, 2017
Hello everyone!

We had a Superior 6940 installed a few weeks ago and have run through the recommended curing fires. Before we hit primetime burning season I'm curious about burning temps and how to monitor it to make sure we're burning efficiently. My last stove (similar to Buck 91) had a thermometer that I'd use to gauge temperature that I'd use to adjust airflow, but this new unit only has a gauge that says the cat is active or not. It also has secondary burn tubes that I'm not familiar with the operation of. Installers weren't much help in answering questions and I'm more of a kinesthetic learner so the manual won't be much use to me. I've seen thermometers that go in/on the flue, but I don't have access to my flue...and it's Class A pipe so I'm not sure I'd want to drill into it anyway or a magnetic thermometer would give an accurate picture of what's happening inside the pipe.

Is an infrared thermometer aimed at the glass my only option for temperature monitoring? And a second question...would the instruction videos on youtube for the quadrafire 7100 or Nap 6000 be similar to what I need to do? Are the secondary burn tubes supposed to glow?

I'm sure more questions will pop up as burn season progresses!


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
It's tough to get a good read on a flush fireplace. Take it off the door at the top. The glass reading is less useful. Online videos can sometimes be helpful, but many are not and some are outright wrong. Caveat emptor.