This will be a game changer

tony58 Posted By tony58, Jan 18, 2012 at 8:30 PM

  1. saggys

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    Feb 18, 2012
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    So where does the power come from to run these compressors to provide air for the vehicle? Sounds like one form of energy for another, like an electric car.
  2. JRP3

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    I guess you didn't read the thread? It's much less efficient than an electric car.
  3. jimbom

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    Modern air technology has been around for decades. It is used to start huge diesel engines. It is used in self contained breathing apparatus. District air systems exist for large industrial activities. Lots of operating systems to examine right now in every state in the union. Plenty of smart people work with these systems every day. Those people would all like to be wealthy. If this game-changer was practical, many systems would be on the road and in our homes today. After all, we have at least 180 years of experience using compressed air in Missouri. Who knows how long it has been used in other parts of the world.

    This is the best way I can think of for people to personally evaluate this game-changer. Everyone has a fire department in their community. Go to your local firehouse and see how they recharge the high pressure carbon fiber air tanks that provide breathing air. Put your Kill-A-Watt meter on that little compressor system and ask how long it takes to top off those tanks.

    Wire to air efficiency is low in 145 psi systems. Compressing air to higher pressures is more inefficient. Air to shaft horsepower efficiency is low. Multiply them together to get the system efficiency.

    Does anyone believe a technologically sophisticated society such as Japan would bury this game-changer technology just so they could pay the oil/coal producing countries more money for their energy needs?

    I am all for doing things more efficiently. I hope someone makes a break through. But the laws of physics limit the energy density and efficiency of air storage and conversion.
  4. btuser

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    Compressed air at 4300psi has an energy density of about .5 MJ/kg. Compare that to gasoline at around 47 MJ/kg, or even sod peat at 12 MJ/kg. Then add an additional loss for compression at such a high psi and it's back to gas for me. Free AC but how am I going to heat my car in the Winter with one of these things? Its an idea, and can use a lot of the same parts (heck I'm sure almost any car could be converted) so sure, better than walking. Not really a way forward, but maybe a lateral (and cleaner) move in the right direction.

    There's 37 MJ/kg of energy in fat. Build me a car that runs on luv handles! Recent advancement in fast food delivery and horizontal liposuction techniques will combine to spawn a gold rush to claim an ocean of untapped energy America has been building for years. America's obesity problem just became America's energy advantage.

    Instead of penny stocks, maybe they could list on the dollar menu?
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    Lucky you. For me it was both. I went for work, but took the family. After working for a month we took a couple weeks to explore Rajasthan. Would love to have an excuse to go again. India is a fascinating country.

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