Tick bites and Lyme disease


Dec 8, 2020
My brother-in-law got Lyme Disease not long after they diagnosed him with testicular cancer. He beat the cancer for a while but then it traveled to his brain. Mayo Clinic did four brain surgeries before it finally took him down. The doctors were extremely interested in his case as they had never seen it travel the way that it did from crotch to brain. I'm convinced that Lyme Disease was the catalyst, but it's kind of moot at this point.

I roast every tick that I find until it pops, or cut them in half with a knife. Those suckers deserve a terrible death for latching onto me.


Feeling the Heat
Oct 16, 2019
Yep. Roast them buggers! My wife got Lyme's disease this past summer. Never realized it was a deer tick instead of a wood tick. Had never seen one before. Luckily our doctor recognized the symptoms even though it wasn't the traditional bullseye rash.