Ugly drum smoker!

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I will update Sunday with pics when I smoke the spiral ham for the fam jam!
Ugly drum smoker! Ugly drum smoker!
First cook on doing a little fryer. Keeping 275-300 on this is easy. Mmmmm here we go. Doing ham tm. FYI little pan is just water to keep the smoke moist!!!
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Omg delicious. Best smoked meat I've ever done and it was just a little yard bird. Smoke taste just right not overpowering. Meat very moist!!!
And just like I've read when I finished cooking I shut all intakes and it went out no prob. Half the charcoal still in basket for use tm and it was burning for a good 5 hrs on 1/2 a basket of raw lump with 4 hunks of hickory!
Ugly drum smoker! Ugly drum smoker! Ugly drum smoker!
Well ham was much success! Everyone enjoyed. Temp control was breeze again, and I made a good smoked ham and split pea soup from the bone. Happy Easter everyone hope your meal and company was as good as mine!
Very cool. If you need to add more charcoal, how do you?
you would pull the grill and add more, but you shouldn't really need to, again the smoker was going for at least 8 hrs and still had half a basket of charcoal to go!
this thing is a very efficient cooker. total over the two cooks plus initial test burn, she ran for at least 14 hrs and used about one charcoal basket full, or about half a bag of lump charcoal.
Ugly drum smoker! Ready for paint and more meat!!!
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Ugly drum smoker! Ugly drum smoker!
Quarter chickens in the snow tonight
Looking good. I was wondering with that much uninsulated surface area, how it would do in the cold.
Definitely ran a bit cooler but was still able to keep around 275 no problems just had valves open a little more is all. I could imagine that at severe cold temps being Uninsulated could be a problem.
Do you think an insulated blanket for a hot water heater would work on one of these?
Man this thing is awsome. Got ribs and beans going right now. Gonna do thick blade steaks Tommorow and a small brisket on Sunday. Gotta perfect my methods before all the company throughout the summer!!!
Ugly drum smoker!
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Ugly drum smoker!
Was delicious. Wifey says best I've made. I'd like to open this thread up or start a new one all BBQ. The rub I used was really nice. Food network recipe. Fat on ribs rendered just like butter!
Did my first brisket today. Pulled and foiled to early thank god it was a little
4Lb test brisket. My guess is it coulda needed a cpl more hrs. Hoping to get this right for Cinco de mayo Ugly drum smoker!Ugly drum smoker!
That is pretty cool...Awesome job there.
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The response locally and through family I'm getting is huge. Got 6 more to build right now. Been working and cookin lol. Hope everyone's enjoying a nice spring!!!
Ugly drum smoker!Ugly drum smoker!Ugly drum smoker!