Valor vs Mendota vs Heat n Glo

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Nov 15, 2014
Portland, OR
We are excited to get a gas insert for our home. Who knew it was so hard to choose.

We want a good viewing area, enough heat, but not too much heat. We want natural looking flames and logs. Our space is 32' x 14' x 8' high.

We like the Mendota FV44i, the Valor G4 and the Heat n Glo I35F.

Mendota Pros and Cons:
Pros - it's beautiful, large viewing space, good reputation
Cons - it's more expensive and it only turns down to 15K BTU which is pretty hot

Valor Pros and Cons:
Pros - it has a good reputation, nice logs, good heat without needing to use blower. The BTU's turn down to 6500 BTU's so if we get too hot we don't need to turn it off.
Cons - slightly smaller viewing space, they don't recommend the fan...I'm thinking we might want the fan.

Heat n Glo Pros and Cons:
Pros - nice viewing area, cool ceramic box
Cons - less natural looking flame/logs, only turns down to 18K BTU's - may be too hot

Any thoughts/recommendations are very welcome!
Just from an efficiency perspective the Mendota crushes the other two. Heat n glo has a 72 P4, Valor 68 P4, the Mendota has an 83 P4.

I agree about the fans. Finally look at construction and the remotes. The Mertec remote Valor uses is extremely complicated in my opinion.
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