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    Sir, I have read your narrative on the pros and cons of ventless gas logs located at https://www.hearth.com/what/current.html. Is there anything written to address the issue of heat build-up above the fireplace? Such as the marble above and then the mantle above that? The ventless fireplace was installed as required and demonstrated as in the manufacturers manual, this being accomplished by a qualified contractor and verified by gas company representatives. The concern I have is the temperature above the fireplace and possible long term effects on material for the possibility of unsafe fire potential. Every ventless fireplace I have seen on display and in homes have the same high temperatures above the fireplace. Do you know of any accessory or insulation the home owner can install to help reduce the heat build-up? Thank you for your time, Buddy Creek


    A hood or mantel deflector can help with the high temperatures found above some of these fireplaces. This hood is standard equipment on some fireplaces and optional on others. If neither, it could probably be made up.

    The bulk of the heat from these fireplaces is from convective heat coming out the front of the fireplace..NOT from heat radiation from the fireplace top plate. This is why a hood or deflector is the best bet
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