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Nov 2, 2022
Winchester, Va
I purchased a used wood stove. the small rivited brass tag on the front says "Virginian", Mfg Virginia Stove Works 1922Patterson Ave, Roanoke Va.
I read on here where someone said models 101 and 102 were "Convector Stoves". My stove has a tank on the top with an inlet at left lower back and outlet on top right rear. I guess this is for hot water to be run to a baseboard heater. inside the fire box is 4 pipes that run from the front to the rear where it looks like a blower would bolt up. is this a normal for this kind of stove. all I really want to do is hook up a blower. i think this would heat a 2000sf shop well. anyone heard of these stoves? possible date of manufacture? i think Virginia stove works has been sold several times and cannot find a phone number for them. any help is greatly appreciated!
Can you post a picture or two of this stove?
Can you post a picture or two of this stove?
Virginia Stoveworks Inc. 20221103_133846.jpg 20221103_133859.jpg 20221103_133922.jpg 20221103_133826.jpg 20221103_133935.jpg 20221103_133808.jpg 20221101_151204.jpg
There appears to be a port below the flue outlet where a blower was attached.

I am concerned about the condition of the stove . The top of the lid has broken free in the back. This makes me wonder if it is corroded and deteriorating on the inside too. If so it could be quite dangerous to burn in.
Yes. That is/was a water tank to heat water for a baseboard heater. Water flows down pipe into top of tank and out the bottom. I can weld the separation but dont intend to use it with water. Do you think a blower bolted up to the back, or was the blower separate with flexible tubing connected to back of stove.??
Probably right on the stove. Measure the screw hole pattern. It may be for a standard fan. Check on Grainger for a match.
No idea about the age. There was a slew of steel stoves that showed up during the OPEC embargo of the early 70s. That would be my guess as to its age.
Yeah late 70s to early 80s