Weeks 7 & 8 . . . but rethinking the duration? (12/12 - 12/26)

ISeeDeadBTUs Posted By ISeeDeadBTUs, Dec 27, 2010 at 5:33 PM

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  1. ISeeDeadBTUs

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    Total HDD for 8-weeks since first fire(10/31/2010)

    2008= 1738 2009= 1662 2010= 1888

    Using the 20-week total, the percentages come in at 34% (winter {heating season} is a third over)


    1)2010 the coldest of the three years so far
    2)20 weeks is probably not quite accurate. Probably should use 22 or maybe even 24. Hard to say, because I like it cool, so I shut down earlier in the spring they some people probably. But this year I have a few 70' Aspens that came down, so I may use those when it gets springy.
  2. wood thing

    wood thing
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    May 20, 2010
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    Winter is early here also. Not really cold but steady low temps for DEC. I have a good wood supply so all is well. Enjoy ! and Happy New Year.
  3. pybyr

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    I hope your 1/3 over is accurate, because I am further into my wood than I'd like to be, considering that the two coldest months are still coming up.

    December has definitely had more steady, unrelenting cold than any December I can recall in recent memory.

    I started the winter with significantly more wood than last year, and probably overall a better grade of wood, but still am not feeling all that comfortable that I have enough to last to the end.

    Last year I finished the last few weeks of winter with cut-up pallets; it worked, but seemed a bit Chateau Redneck...
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