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mario veda Posted By mario veda, Sep 19, 2010 at 10:06 PM

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    mario veda
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    Sep 11, 2010
    Spent this weekend getting my cinder block Chim ready for painting .Man what a work out!! I thought I was going to give it a fast surface scrapping BUT NO... Seems whoever painted it last used regular exterior paint ?? on it and when I started to scrape I saw green mold/mildew under the top paint coat sandwiched between 2nd coating ,,so I went to Lowes and got a lead paint tester kit $5 easy to do quick test ,,,,the 2 layers of paint were negative. So Good so far ....Got the better brand of paint stripper and started painting it on a few blocks at a time (21 blocks total) ,waiting for it to do its thing then scrapeing it off repeat,repeat some more .Then today I finished the 4 remaining top blocks and crown and then washed the chimney down with water, bleach and dish soap ,MORE scrapeing & srubbing,,,,after that dried I sealed any hairline cracks on blocks with DryLock masonry chaulk sealer 12hr dry time and will tommorow afternoon start to paint chimney with Sherman Williams Loxon Arcylic Exterior masonry topcoat which is a breathable (lets moisture out) as well as water proofing paint.The weather here is perfect for the job,, temps in the 80s plenty of hot sun and no rain in sight all week,I hope...LOL....Now if I would only wash the car,,heck with that wait till it rains,, free car wash LOL.... Mario

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