What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

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Splitter scraps, oak bark, small diameter oak pieces from tree tops and a couple of oak uglies.

So OAK I guess.

Same stuff I've been burning since September . . . eastern white pine.
Ash. All ash...
Mostly Black Cherry and Silver Maple. I had to move a small stack of better stuff out of the way, so I brought it up close and I'm throwing in a couple of those here and there; Small rounds of Dogwood, BL and similar woods.
It sure looks to me that there is lots of silver maple on the menu.
Split of lodge pole and chunk of tamarack. Its only 30 out so its not cold yet but its toasty in the house.
What ever is on the top of the pile goes into the fire box
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8 splits of ash loaded at 2120 hrs. That will hold me untill 0930 tomorrow. Temps down to upper 20's maybe low 30's. Highs tomorrow may not warrant a fire.

Building up the coal bed for tonight, then it's a couple of splits of oak, and a side of cherry

More uglies for when I get up at 5 Am to case te chill out of the house.
I took down a Mimosa last year so I can eventually plant a fig tree for my wife. That Mimosa is burning great. I understand it is in the same family as Locust which I am also up to my ears in at 12-14 percent moisture. I love those slightly punky pieces that take off and then coal up really nicely.
Just got the stove going for the evening, it has a load of pine.

We had a winter storm almost 3 years ago snap a bunch of 6+" branches off the pine trees so I cut it up for pit wood. Darn if that stuff hasn't made me a fan of burning pine during shoulder season.

You're learning, or, to quote my buddy Artie "You're gonna learn today" :)
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I love seeing all the different combos! Its back into the 20's again tonight. I've been building a coal bed all day, just threw a few more splits of cherry ash cocktail.
Red Maple. I plan to burn about 1 1/2 cords of Red Maple before I start on a stack that is mostly oak.
Its 10:30 in the evening and its -13c/8.5 f and the house is a warm 71.5. Getting ready to load the stove to the gills with larch and birch.
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Just loaded up with Oak. Mix of red and white. That's all i have ready this year. But im going to have an assortment next year. Of coarse ill have the Oak, but also...silver maple, honey locust, sweet gum, and hickory.
Morning pine kick start.
cottonwood and ash
Cherry and Elm. I brought in some red oak for the holiday tomorrow.
Temps were in the 20's this morning. I woke up and checked the firebox of my All Nighter Moe, which I found still had some coals from last nights overnight burn. I tossed in a few pieces of pine to get it started up again, shortly followed by a link or two of cherry which coal up real nice, and topped off with some ash splits to last a few hours.

I vary my wood types by time of day, outside/inside temps, and length of burn. What is in your stove right now?
Ashes. We let it go out this morning, too warm today to burn.
Putting some honey locust and maple in as we speak. Hopefully it will get me through the nite. Darn smoke dragon. LOL. Not cold enough to get the coal out just yet.