What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

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We've already switched to central air. I used to enjoy opening the windows in spring, at least until the grass pollens go thru the roof around Memorial Day, but my wife and kids are allergic to all the tree pollens peaking right about now. So, we seem to go straight from wood stove to central air, anymore.
It's still cool enough up here that the windows stay closed, we're in the low 40's in the morning with the day temps 55 to 62.
currently cold and empty

last night's low was around 40 and yesterday was very wet with no solar
my senior cat is really struggling, she turned 18 on this past Tuesday, so she's been getting a fire every night

I woke at 0530 for the usual and went down to check on the fire...
ruddy heck, the window had more creosote than not and so my load must have had a bit of wet fuel (Elm)...it was still glowing embers, but not many of them

so I baby'd it along with intake and cracking the door...considered putting on some more dry fuel, but did not...
seemed ok, yet I was getting concerned, so brought my bailout metal tub to the nearest exterior door.
After about an 90min and it seemed to be all good, so I tried to burn it down with door cracked...there was no smoke entering the room with the door open from a crack to about 20% open, but at 0730 the Nest protect pre-warned of CO in the room and then went red and sounded. Good morning everyone!

I checked the CO detector next to me on the coffee table and it displayed 45PPM and went off. Missus came rushing down and I let them know I was on it. Opened the windows and double door and checked the CO detector which read 32PPM, yikes, not dropping fast enough, so I unloaded the hot coals into my ash can and walked them out to the bailout tub. It took 3 trips clean out the stove completely...alarms sounding. I have a pretty strong floor-standing fan in the room, which I set up and switched on asap. The missus opened upstairs windows and sequestered the felines. The CO detector showed 0PPM after a couple minutes and shut off its siren. The Nest (on the ceiling) was red / muted for about 15 min while I ran the fan. Luckily it's beautiful sunshiny today so far.

Ugh, at least I was already awake and dealing with the situation...well, I caused it.

Anyway, no one was injured and nothing destroyed.

I took a couple burn cans out into the orchard and those coals went in as I continued on pruning down and collecting oak/hazel/holly/ivy rubbish I'm getting rid of due to the latest fallen oak.

3 hrs sleep ain't really enough, but oh well, I have a 90 min film that needs mixing, might as well get as early start
Forecast shows rain 8 out of the next 9 days, with at least 3 nights in the mid-40's, and one day topping out at 58F. Maybe I hauled all the wood away from the house just a bit too soon?

If I'm going to bring some back, I'd better do it today, before the wood lot gets real soggy with all this rain.
It’s only May, we still have lows in the 30-40’s and highs in the 50-60’s for the most part so there will be occasional burning. It didn’t get out of the 40’s yesterday so there was a need for fire.
Yeah, we burn right up to first week of June some years. Then other years, we see daytime highs over 100F in June, and never a night below 65F. It can be hard to predict.

When I called this year done last week, we were seeing forecasts in the 80F's every day. In fact, I was in our swimming pool each of the last 3 or 4 days, the water temperature was 88F yesterday.

Obviously that'll be dropping this week!
I was too young and naive to know what was happening at the time, but I remember my mother opening the kitchen windows every morning one year, in what must've been February and March, because "it's too hot and stuffy in here". I was probably a Freshman in high school at the time, she must've been early-50's, and I thought she was losing her mind. ;lol
Yesterday was the first day we had the windows and the porch door open, the temp on the porch was 73, in the direct sun it was 76 & 77.
Awful cold here. Just bumped up the thermostats in two zones, burning oil tonight. All wood is down at the wood lot, 100 yards from the house, and it's been raining steady since noon yesterday.

After a straight week of warm weather, even one day near 90F, I was expecting this turn.
still cold and empty
tried to have an end of season hot burn to clear the creo from the fire the other night...even cleaned out the 90...set up a top-down and was cheating with a firelighter...but no draw

had to open up in a panic and pull the barely starting fire out...stove is so blocked, the firelighter went out

Sadly, when I had the 90 off, I didn't take a look up thru the flue

so, it isn't going to get lit again...I got too much to do...flying to California on the 9th!
I didn't. Was still 53 outside and 69 inside at bedtime. House was mid 60's this morning but solar gains is bringing it up and I'm still (forever) remodeling and don't want it too warm.
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Nothing yet but the temp is dropping, Might be a fire later today or tomorrow. I put about 10 splits inside to get ready.
Here on NJ coast.
I will do a burn this morning. It will be a wide open throttle to clean the fire box. This will be it for the season.
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We had 36.3 this morning, I felt like having a fire but didn't.
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Same here, it was tempting but we have full sun shine with temps in the 70’s today.
We have a high of 65 for today with a low of 43, tomorrow our high is 70.
Just spent two weeks in Monterey, Ca. If I lived there I think I would still be having evening fires pretty easily. Back home and there are no fires going on in NC.
We had 55.4 this morning, perfect temps for working outside but we had storms start after 10 this morning.
It was 54.5 this morning with some good rains overnight, we have another chance of storms again today but nothing severe.
We had another cool morning with the temp at 52.4, I felt like having a fire but chit, it's June. It's raining pretty good out at the moment but it looks like the heat moves in around June 17.
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