which refractory cement for wood boiler nozzle

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jon 2701

Mar 17, 2013
I have a Vigas 25kw wood boiler and I need to cast the entire chamber plus a nozzle since the dealer appears to be unresponsive. Thera are so many brands of cement. Everything from 2200 degrees upwards of 3000 plus degrees. Are there any recommendations on which would be the best product for this?



Minister of Fire
Aug 22, 2010
Northern Canada
I bought a bag of refractory a number of years ago from a company.The company specialized in products to do with high heat applications.
I went with their recommendation of what refractory to get.I also got a bag of stainless steel needles to add in for strength to keep it from cracking.


Burning Hunk
Feb 15, 2009
western new york
When I went to buy a new nozzle for my econoburn 100 last season and went on their website , i was shocked to see the price at $180, Yikes!. Time to make my own. Heres a couple of pics . Haven't had to install one of my homemade nozzles yet so i can't vouch for their durability , but i suspect they will be fine. Salecker I like your idea of adding those needles to the mix . Bruce

boiler nozzle 1 refractory cement.jpg econoburn nozzle casting.jpg boiler nozzles kit.jpg