Wood Banks

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Minister of Fire
Dec 22, 2014
Helena MT
There is something out there called a Wood Bank, similar to a food bank. It is a source of wood for low income people who heat with wood. The ones I am familiar with are part of a volunteer ministry group of churches. They get their wood from donations by lumber mills or a city parks department. A volunteer group comes together periodically to cut and split the truckloads of donated logs.

You can probably find ones locally by googling “wood bank” and your local state. If you do not have one available locally, you could propose it to your local church ministry group. It is a lot of fun participating, and is a great way to meet local like-minded people.

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One of the local churches manages a wood bank. I spoke with them about getting some grant monies. However, one of the stipulations of the program is that the wood be at or below 20% MC when distributed. I found out that they were sometimes delivering wood at up to 30% MC which is going to lead to poor heat and the potential for chimney fires. I'm not sure if they will take up the grant offer which could pay for sheds to store wood for longer drying time.