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    Hello, I'm looking for information regarding the installation of a wood burning insert into our existing fireplace. We have a Superior Zero-Clearance fireplace model KR-38 that is about 5 years old. The fireplace has a metal flue (8 inch I believe) that extends to the spark cap. I have contacted Superior and they only offer and refer to gas inserts. Do you know of any wood inserts that are rated for this fireplace? Would we need to replace our flue, run new pipe through it, or attach to the existing pipe? I would appreciate any information (positive or negative) as to our setup and what we want to do.


    There are a number of wood burning fireplace inserts that can be installed into pre-fab fireplaces. There are companies on Hearth.com's products page (https://www.hearth.com/prod.html) that make units designed for your type of fireplace.

    It is best, however, to install a stainless steel liner from these inserts all the way up through the existing flue. This assures a safer, more efficient and easier to service installation.

    Link: Hearth.com Products Page
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