Wood burning stove, leaks smoke when door open.

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Jan 25, 2023
In my grandpas barbershop we have an okd pot belly stove. The fire starts quick, and keeps the shop mighty warm. But there’s an issue, that when I open the door, to feed the fire. Smoke comes out. I’ve started opening the door slowly, which helps it to not start coming out immediately. But if I’m feeding it for more then 7 seconds smoke starts trickling out. I’m sure there are some of you, that might b able to steer me in the right direction

Wood burning stove, leaks smoke when door open. Wood burning stove, leaks smoke when door open.
First, this is a Cylinder Stove, not Potbelly.

Second it is primarily for coal, but can burn wood by using the upper air intake only. It would be much more efficient with coal. (and not destroy the stove)

#17 is inches across top of firepot, Stoves were model A,B, C for size. (King Stove, Alabama) If you give us a real location, and more lettering from stove; rear, around top, more info could be found for the stove. Also codes for your area would be known. These require lots of clearance.

Only open the under fire air at ash pan when starting. Once fire is established, it should only require upper air with wood. Leaving the bottom air open allows too much air for wood, burning too fast and hot for the stove. Many have been destroyed using wood that gets too much air. Throttle it back with the flue damper as necessary.

Coal requires ALL air to come up through the coal bed. Wood burns using air from any direction. So these stoves without door gaskets with air leaks are fine with coal. Burning wood can become uncontrollable with the air leaks. This is when the flue damper needs to be used to slow the draft, affecting the stove by slowing the air coming in.

First make sure the chimney is clean. Make sure the spark screen at chimney top is clean. That is the first to plug up.

Get a magnetic thermometer so you know what stack temperature you are running. And use a moisture meter to test wood properly.

If that is a combustible wall in direct contact with that brick, it is too close. Solid brick 3 1/2” thick requires 24 inches. Combustible items such as the flag requires 36 US.

Here is the history of the company;
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running coal in that stove will allow you to run it and the room much cooler than you have it now + you would get your coal running load it and that's it no multiple loads of wood