For Sale WOOD GUN E100 Stainless Steel Boiler FOR SALE

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Dec 4, 2023
Selling my Stainless E100 Wood Gun and everything that goes with it. The unit is very clean, excellent running condition and has many, many extras. I bought the Wood Gun in Oct 2009, but did not install it until Dec 2012.
I used it for 9 seasons until the end of the 2020/2021 winter.
I spoke with Caleb at AHS - they are currently selling these units for $12,000 USD, plus the DHW coil for $500 USD plus the smoke hood $300 USD. Shipping to Canada (Peterborough, ON) is about $600 USD. What I have listed here would be $13, 400 USD or $18,474 CAD. (using Apr 12, 2024 conversion rate).

It was purchased with :
- DHW coil built in - STILL LIKE NEW - NEVER USED - 5 gpm
- AHS fan driven smoke hood - clean
- oil / gas firing tube for back-up
- cyclone ash separator
- boiler controls

Now for the extras:
- Insulated mirror stainless chimney pipe - 6 inch id (to connect unit to chimney)
5 1/2 feet straight pipe, 2 - 45 degree elbows, 1 "TEE", 1 end cap for clean out.
- 30" x 20 gauge vertical smoke pipe - 316 stainless steel - goes on top of cyclone - shown in photo.
- fused fire damper for fresh air intake - shown in photo
- large roll of 3000 degree 3/4" square door gasket
- professional made moulds for all of the refractory. I used to make moulds for a living. I have made moulds and replaced all the refractory in the boiler. All the moulds go with the boiler. You can mix up refractory cement (just add water) and make any refractory pieces in about an hour - easy. Some photos of the moulds shown, not all.
- a number of assorted pieces of extra (new) refractory, center bricks, main clean out plug etc.
- door insulator panels (an insulating panel (inside) which keeps the doors from getting too hot)

Everything is very clean, in good running condition, ready to connect and use. Pretty much everything you need for a typical installation is included. The boiler was installed in my basement so it was always in a clean, dry environment - you would never guess that the boiler was used for 9 seasons.

I am located near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Boiler weighs close to 1500 lbs - I can load it on your vehicle.
To buy everything listed here, you would be into at least $25,000 CAD.
I am selling for $13, 000 CAD. Call me (705) 277-3151 - no texts - I cannot receive texts.

Search for "E100" in the search box for a thread about this boiler and more photos.







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