Wood haul from thorns

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PA Fire Bug

Feeling the Heat
Jan 13, 2010
Blair County, PA
Last spring I spent a couple of days cutting wood left behind by a logger. Unfortunately, I spent what seemed like an equal amount of time cutting brush and thorns trying to find a way to get a skid loader in to haul it out. I found that the road left by the logger was too steep. I also had problems with mud during the spring and summer. By fall, the area that was mostly clear during the spring was covered with thorns. : (

This week, with the ground frozen, I was able to find access through a flat area of a field that I had not seen before. I used a skid loader to break a path and get some revenge on the thorn bushes. I hauled out what will probably make two or three dump truck loads.

If I knew how much trouble getting this wood out of the woods would have been last spring, I would have left it lay. I enjoyed the time spent cutting and hauling the wood but not the time cutting thorns. Now I know to have a sure exit plan before I start cutting.

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