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Oct 31, 2013
appleton, wi
Any idea what this tree is? Wood looks like maple to me but leaves ( 2nd pic) say otherwise. My buddy thinks black walnut but heartwood isnt dark enough for that i dont think altho leaves kinda match. He says its very dense wood, heavy. Ash maybe? It's got me stumped. Wisconsin tree.

wood ID

wood ID
lens on my phone says white ash. it's def not maple with leaves like that. walnut wood have darker heartwood until dry
honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthos)
Honeylocust has compound leaves and platey bark.
Heartwood has characteristic light salmon color.
It is a dense wood that burns long, but it definately takes time to season properly.
any honey or black locust that i had have didn't have bark like that. but the leaves do look a little like that. i lens it a few times and one time it did come up with butternut
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just did another lens and all 3 said locust (black)
Honeylocust, definitely not black locust.
Black locust has blocky bark with greenish yellow heartwood.​
Get a new lens. ;)