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    I have been searching the net for months with no answers. We have a log home in upstate NY on 7 acres of woods. When we built it 2 years ago, we opted to use an airtight wood stove as our main source of heat upstairs. (1,200 sq ft) We now want to turn the basement into a family/rec room. As far as heating goes, we are torn between an oil furnace or a wood/oil furnace. If we go with a wood/oil, we have to put another chimney in which is costly. My understanding is, a regular oil furnace would have cold air ducts with blowers that could draw the heat(from the wood stove upstairs) through the duct work and into the downstairs? However, our main concern is, we cannot find a company that sells wood/oil furnaces. I really would appreciate a name or two if you have them. All help in us making a decision would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...


    OK, first question is in regards to the use of your heating ducts to bring heat down from a stove upstairs...or to circulate it to other areas. In practice, this does not seem to work well. The large amount of air that is moved with furnace fans dilutes the heated air and often fails to deliver it elsewhere.

    As far as wood/oil furnaces, I can name a few:
    1. Yukon - By Alpha American in Minnesota (http://www.yukon-eagle.com)
    2. NewMac..By Newmac in Canada
    3. Harman

    Link: Yukon-Eagle Web Site
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