Wood storage- big lessons learned

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Isaac Carlson

Minister of Fire
Nov 19, 2012
NW Wisconsin
We have so much variety here it's crazy. Everything from pine to osage. We have burned willow, basswood, cottonwood, poplar, elm, hickory, cherry, ash, oak, osage, hackberry, birch, locust, the list goes on. I'm not real picky, but I like high btu wood if possible. I do like birch and poplar. I save the cherry, hickory, apple, and golden oak for smoking. I just got some golden oak this year and it smells so buttery it drives me batty. I might roast some venison with it. Mmmmmm. nice, now I'm drooling......


Minister of Fire
Jan 24, 2012
Don't forget that the Summer of 2019 was one of the wettest on record here on the the east coast, and that may be some of the problem you've seen. Of course, these record years are quickly becoming the new normal, so best to improve your systems anyway.



Minister of Fire
Nov 23, 2008
WI, Leroy
lumber and almost every item in construction through the roof price wise. Son was going to build a new place- 2 years ago it was still reasonable . Sent plans for quotes- cost tripled. Even land prices have doubled in the last year. This pay 2-3 times more for 50% less is not good in my book ( can't print what I really want to say). Unfortunately income seems to be in reverse- work more, take home less.
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