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HolyCow Posted By HolyCow, Dec 30, 2012 at 8:26 AM

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    a cold start is far less likely to have this type of pre-combustion, a fair amount of heat is required, a "hot restart" from a bed of coals allowed to get really charged up then cut off suddenly will make this a risk, but if you are unsuccessful in a cold start scenario its not likely to have enough kinetic energy built up to flash ignite.

    in case of a failed cold start simply start by opening the draft control all the way and watch for a minute or so, if the fire does not build on its own accord especially if you have a lot of smoke which is rolling around in the stove but not wanting to get up the chimney you may need more heat in the flue , take your hairdryer and switch it on high, use it to warm your pipe coming out of the stove top to help get heat into the flue , may take a few minutes but eventually it will start to evacuate smoke. now , if the stove is still cool to the touch you could carefully crack the door if opening the draft doesn't do it but don't do it if the stove is hot. allow the smoke to be pulled up the flue until it clears with the door opened just a pinch, then attempt to refire if it doesn't catch on its own.
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