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    We are shopping around for a new wood burning fireplace insert to replace our old pre epa buck insert.The old buck insert did not have a dc pipe and the fireplace damper is to small for a 6 inch diameter pipe to pass thru for a new insert installation. What do we have to do to install a new insert dc pipe at least 5 feet up thru the damper space?


    Hi, In lieu of removing the damper frame of your fireplace, you will need to get an ovalized stainless steel connector to go through the narrow damper opening. That should get you through the damper and the smoke chamber above. It is, however, important that you extend your pipe further and into the tile liner. I don't know the size of your tile liner but it may be possible to extend the oval connector into the flue. If not, you should attach a section of pipe to ensure that this is done. Then, you must seal off the area around the ovalized pipe as it passes through the damper. Some folks simply stuff fiberglass insulation but this can harden from the heat against the pipe causing air leaks. And, fiberglass is porous so again, air leaks can occur. Air leaks at the damper equals potential poor draft conditions----the death of any wood stove or insert. Most good professionals use sheet metal instead, and seal off with high temperature silicone. Although more expensive, you may wish to consider relining your chimney all the way with stainless steel. This would be good for 10-15 years. Relining will give you better performance, and make cleaning a snap because you just clean the pipe. If not, you must remove the whole pipe assembly and clean it and then clean the entire chimney as well. And, you'll need to remove the insert while this is being done. Go to this section to do a little more research to confirm what I'm saying.
    Measure or have measured your damper opening & flue liner. Then talk with your local retail hearth shop or chimney sweep to find out pipe options/prices. That's your best starting point. Good luck.

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